Nic Acaster Artist

Through my practice I have developed a curiosity for repurposing large wooden structures and reusing natural materials.
I am currently working on a new project called 'Nests', this work revolves around our feelings towards belonging to a place and the concept of home. 'Nests' is driven by a sustainable ethos that aims to geographically connect art with organic reusable materials.

This summer I have been working with reclaimed old timbers taken from the Farleys Barn reinnervation 2023, (Image opposite). The wood has a beautiful character that lends itself perfectly to the creation of, little Wrens, Crows and Robins.

Resent projects include, artwork made with the timbers and metal from a 30ft Hastings and Rye clinker-built fishing boat called, ''Rosie Haze,'' RX320, (image opposite, as a working vessel on Hastings beach) which I bought and decommissioned in 2016. This art project has taken on many forms to include, a site specific 40ft sculpture of a Blue Whale, cormorants and casting artwork from the bronze propeller shaft.