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Artwave Art Festival

September 5th - 20th 2020.

Being part of Artwave this year has been a great opportunity for me to connect with the wider community and once again engage with other artist and customers. I welcome you to my studio at Willets farm, which is connected to Farley house the home of Lee Miller (WW2 photographer and Vogue model). The Farley house, gallery and sculpture garden are now open, book online to visit and I highly recommend the experience.

All work for sale at my studio has been made from a Hastings and Rye fishing boat called ''Rosie Haze RX320'' repurposing the wooden planking, copper nails, bronze and oak ribs into relief Sculptures of sea birds to include, Herring gulls, Oystercatchers, Cormorants and an outside installation of crabs.
Also available are, a collection of framed working drawings, a booklet out lining this art project and postcards of some recent work. I look forward to meeting with you and will be glad to answer any questions about my present and future art projects.

Please be mindful when visiting and parking your car or bike that the entrance track is used by farm machinery.


Art Project, exhibited 2017-2018, Southwold Harbour and Ravingham sculpture trail, Suffolk.

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'Boat & Bones' is the Folding Whale Project, entering a skeletal phase where Rosie Haze RX320 becomes 'Boats and Bones'.

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'Oyster One' 2016-2017, art project to repurpose a derelict wooden boat into various white crabs.

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  • United Kingdom
  • Studio 13-14, Willetts Farm, Muddles Green, BN86HU